Resources for “The Da Vinci Code”

July 11, 2006

Notes, Links and Sources for The Da Vinci Code 

Below are the notes from the adult education classes that I have taught the past couple of summers.
(downloadable for the moment only as Word (.doc) files)

Class 1: Faith vs. Fiction 
The main theological issues of The Da Vinci Code :
* Was Jesus just a man?
* Was the Church a human invention?
* Was the New Testament put together by Constantine?
file : DVC_Notes_1.doc

Class 2: Jesus, the Gnostics, and Mary Magdalene
* Was Jesus married?
* Was Mary Magdalene supposed to be the head of the Church?
* Who were the Gnostics and what did they believe?
* What Gnostic writings does Brown draw from, and what do they say?
file : DVC_Notes_2.doc

Class 3: The Knights Templar and Opus Dei
* Who were “The Monks of War”?
* What is Opus Dei?
* Is what Brown claims about them true?
file : DVC_Notes_3.doc

Other Online Resources : 

The Da Vinci Hoax —

* “Dismantling the Da Vinci Code” – Sandra Miesel, Crisis Magazine, Sept 2003


* “Cracking the Anti-Catholic Code” – Carl E. Olsen, Envoy Magazine

Part 1 :
Part 2 :


* “J. P. Holding on The Da Vinci Code”—a very interesting review by a Protestant apologist

“Eight Surprising Fictions in Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’” – Alyson Ward, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Good Books : (besides THE Good Book!)

The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code. Richard Abanes. Harvest House Publishers.

– Written by an evangelical Christian, this book restricts itself to a nice and concise examination of the “facts” presented by the Da Vinci Code. It is as faith-neutral of an examination as                 possible. I recommend this for people to give to relatives and friends who want to learn more about the facts behind the book, but are wary of anything that has a “Christian” slant to it.

De-Coding Da Vinci. Amy Welborn. Our Sunday Visitor Publishers.

– Like Abanes’ book, a nice concise look at the claims of the novel, able to be read in a few hours. This one, however, is written from a faith perspective. It focuses upon what we believe as Catholics and why we should care about the novel’s claims.

The Da Vinci Hoax. Carl E. Olsen and Sandra Miesel. Ignatius Press.

– A longer book refuting The Da Vinci Code, also from a Catholic perspective.

Truth and Fiction Behind the Da Vinci CodeDr. Bart Erhman. Oxford University Press.

– By a well-known scholar, written from a scholar’s viewpoint and from no particular religious background. Great for sceptics!