Pizza & Politics

Why there is division surrounding politics, as explained by the Parable of the Pizza People.


Marriage 101 Conclusion:  Be Not Afraid!

The Gospel message about love and marriage is actually very liberating, and with his help, you can live it out!


Marriage 101:  Expanding or Redefining?

There is a difference between allowing more participation in something and changing its essence. As Christians we can encourage participation in marriage, but we cannot change its essence.


Marriage 101:  Is There a Third Way?

So is there another way between these extremes, a response which is both faithful and loving? There is, and it is the Catholic way!


Marriage 101: Marriage & Celibacy

The mother superior replied, “Sir, your daughter can live without sex, but she cannot live without love. Here she will find love!”


Marriage 101:  Marriage is Open to Life

As a total gift of self, marriage includes a sexual giving of self which is open to life.


Marriage 101:  Marriage is Lifelong

Marriage forms an unconditional bond, broken only by death


Marriage 101:  Marriage is Faithful

A complete gift of self to one’s spouse, in body and soul


Marriage 101:  The Three Essentials

Do you know the three goods, or “essentials,” of marriage?


Marriage 101: A Total Gift of Self

Marriage is a covenant, a complete gift of self. What does this mean?