Marriage 101: A School of Love

What is the one calling we all share, as people created in God’s image?


Marriage 101: Is Love a Feeling?

God created us for love… but is this love only a warm, mushy feeling that we can’t control?


Marriage 101 Intro

“Father, why should anyone listen to you? You’re not married.” The first post in a series on the meaning of marriage.


Jesus Wants to Be Your Valentine!

On Valentine’s Day, it is not the same to have just a phone call or a photo. If a woman’s husband is away on deployment, for example, she can think about him, look at a photo, or even talk to him on the phone. But as nice as these things are, she would much rather have her […]


Elmo Jesus?

Our culture celebrates his birthday, but often treats Jesus like Elmo.   The way he is often presented in our culture, you would think Jesus was just a nice guy who walked around telling everyone to love each other, like Elmo or other similar characters for children. But if one reads the story of the Lord’s […]


Football on an Ice Rink?

The difference between Christianity’s essentials and its traditions.


Five Years as a Priest!

Time flies by when you’re serving God! Today I celebrate five years of ordination as a priest. Thankfully, I can still say that I am so happy and grateful to be a priest! It has been a lot of fun being “captain of my own ship(s)” over the last year, so to speak, rather than being […]


Peter Parker Becomes a Priest

My vocation story on video… how a Ninja Turtle-loving kid became a priest!


Just came back from Presbyterian College, where I celebrated my first Mass as chaplain of the Catholics there. I met some great students; I think it will be a great year!


Today is the first day of school at Cardinal Newman!  I met the students this week during their orientation days and I am looking forward to a great year!