Marriage 101 Intro

July 19, 2015

This will be the start in a new series of posts which will address some of the basics of the Christian understanding of marriage, a kind of “Marriage 101.” In each I will address one small aspect for you to think about, and I will offer a few questions for prayer and discussion.

Over the last several decades we in the United States have experienced a lot of confusion about marriage. As a Christian people, we have often failed to articulate to our culture a coherent vision of the purpose and meaning of marriage. These posts are my small attempt to share this beautiful vision.

The first issue I will address is, “Father, why should anyone listen to you? You’re not married.” This is a great question. I have never done Olympic bobsledding, for example, so why should anyone listen to me teach about that?

But one great thing about marriage is that Andrew Trapp didn’t invent it… God did!  And he has a lot to teach us about the meaning of marriage, and it is truly good and beautiful news, part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

So I am not going to be writing about things based on my own experience or insight, but rather I will be sharing from the great treasures of what Jesus has taught us about his plan for marriage.

Some thoughts for prayer and discussion:

  • Have I considered that marriage is a reality created by God, or do I think it is just something human beings have made up over the years?
  • If God created love and marriage, does it make sense to seek out his plan, or would the Supreme Court be a better source for information?
  • Do I think I already have all the answers about marriage, or is it possible that God, the author of human life and love, might have has some insights to teach me about its meaning?


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