A secret proclaimed for 2000 years

The early Christians have a secret to share.


Chastity: is that some kind of club?

It started off as a normal pizza delivery…


Fourteen praying days till Christmas!

Take the Catholic Robo-Flex challenge!

Why do I wear a wedding ring?

Don’t priests, like, not marry and stuff?


Christianity is like the Batmobile

  This summer I had the opportunity to give a retreat for high schoolers, and I had fun coming up with off-the-wall analogies to help them understand different aspects of the faith. This one is my favorite. Like all analogies, it can’t be stretched too far, but I hope you enjoy it…   Christianity is […]


Is heaven on earth boring?

Struggling at Mass? Here are some tips.


Pope John Paul the Great

This Saturday, my brother seminarians and I lost one of our greatest heroes. For most of us, John Paul II is the only pope we ever knew. For all of us, he is our Michael Jordan. Every boy growing up wanted to “be like Mike.” Well, here at the seminary, we all want to “be […]


Saying “Yes” to crucifixion

The cross of moral conversion.


And two became one flesh

Marriage and the Eucharist.



 Andrew Trapp Catechetics February 8, 2005 Accepting the Lord’s Call to the Priesthood            I suppose that most people imagine that a priest (or someone studying for the priesthood) must have been a miniature St. Francis of Assisi right from the womb. But actually, I had a fairly typical American childhood. My parents were always pretty active in […]