Photos of Mepkin Abbey

January 27, 2007

Photos of Mepkin Abbey
Trappist Monastery in Monck’s Corner, SC

"Um, I think we're here!" Many people visit Mepkin Abbey and its gardens for a nice afternoon outing, while others stay for retreats and longer stays.

Upon arrival, you are welcomed by one of the friendly brothers. This is Father Christian, enthusiastically giving us a tour of the abbey.

If you are there for a retreat, you are shown to one of the guest rooms scattered in small houses throughout the property.

The abbey's grounds are really beautiful, filled with many majestic trees...

and overlooking the Cooper River that flows lazily by

Alongside the river was one of my favorite places to pray. It was very peaceful, interrupted only by the roar of the occasional speedboat.

Another really awesome tree. It reminds me of an Ent from The Lord of the Rings. If I wasn't careful it probably would have reached down and picked me up, mistaking me for an Orc.

There are only a few areas that are off-limits to guests, like the brothers' living quarters and the chicken egg factory.

The retreatants all eat in a side dining room adjacent to the monks' dining room. It is cool to eat like monks and to listen at lunch as one of the brothers reads a spiritual book to the community. I always got a kick out of these signs on the napkin holders.

You can also request one of the monks to meet with you each day as a spiritual director during the retreat. Here I am with Father Guerric, who kindly directed me during the week. We are in the monastery's gift shop, which he runs and stocks with all kinds of interesting items (Trappist fudge, anyone?)

As you can see, Mepkin Abbey is well worth a visit, either for a day trip or
to escape the world for a few days with a retreat!
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